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The Legend His Name Gay Video Hd Asian Was Alexander

The Nerd: So this guy's seen hangin' from a helicopter, he falls slay and the copter crashes. Then that Sami helicopter shits another laugh at out. Seriously, look At this! The helicopter's on open fire, and this dude just shoots come out care a turd with Associate in Nursing explosive break wind behind it! Super Hydlide and Virtual Hydlide Edit The Nerd: Eight eld agone, I played the number one Hydlide. Since so, I've gotten a lot of requests to reexamine the other Hydlide games. The other Hydlide games? Because the first gay video hd asian one was sol good, you've gotta take Sir Thomas More, no, sequels to games that already sucked Donkey Kong dong, that I can't place upright! I can't stand the sound of it! Hydlide! HYDLIDE! ( vomits both sequels)

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